Wedding Planning

We can assist you in all stages of preparation!

Preparation:  We will meet with you to discuss your overall vision, style, and desires to help make your wedding uniquely yours.  We will give you planning tips and ideas along the way.  Together we will create a wedding day-schedule and plan.

Pre-planning:  We will stay in contact with you via phone and email throughout the planning process.  We will share templates, such as a budget tracker and photo checklist, with you along the way.  We will help you finalize ceremony details to help create your wedding programs.  We will create itineraries so all parties involved (including bridal party, parents, and vendors) are all on the same page. We will contact all vendors and review orders, arrival time, and other details.

Rehearsal:  We will organize and direct the wedding rehearsal, including the bridal party, readers, and musicians. We will gather any items that need to be put out the day of the wedding such as guest book, reception directions, wine goblets, etc. so you don’t have to deal with them the day of the wedding.

The Wedding:  We will arrive at least three hours early to get things set up and oversee arrangements you have made with your vendors, such as floral deliveries.  We will assist with the distribution of flowers for the bridal party and family members.  We will assist the wedding party with pre-wedding photos, ensuring the bride and groom do not see each other before the ceremony if that is what is decided.  During photos we can make sure the necessary attendants and family members are available and ready so the photo session goes quickly and smoothly.  We will help greet wedding guests to ensure their needs are met.  Ushers will be instructed and assisted ensuring the special guests are in reserved seating.  We will choreograph the ceremony including the processional/recessional, musicians, and photographer/videographer.  After the ceremony we will collect necessary items and oversee clean up of the ceremony area.

The Reception:  We will arrive early to supervise the setup you have arranged with vendors/caterers, greet and assist the vendors with any needs.  We will synchronize the toasting, cake cutting and first dances with the couple, best man/MOH, family members, photographer, videographer, DJ/band –making sure that all these parties have a “heads-up” prior to these traditions so no one misses out on these important moments.  At the end of the evening we will pack-up any setup items you will need to take home and place in one spot. Examples: guest book, leftover programs, toasting goblets, gifts, etc.

Overall: We have a personalized emergency kit containing more than 100 pieces. When two coordinators are present we will wear and use a wireless headset so the coordinators are in constant contact. This ensures proper and efficient communication during the event.  We provide general problem solving and trouble shooting. Our pricing structure allows you to customize a package suitable for your needs. Our flat fee and payment over time ensures our clients know what to expect up front without hidden costs.